Fine Art Gallery

This is my fine art.

A former national magazine photo editor critiqued some of my “street” photos a few years ago. When I asked her about selling my street photography, she stated that most people want to see “pretty pictures” on their walls.  We had a crucial conversation about art and street photography that to this day I still find valuable and helping me find my own voice when it comes to art. Without starting a lengthy philosophical discussion on “pretty pictures,” fine art and my vision, the images below are just a sampling, some of them were selected for juried competitions and exhibitions and others are my personal favorites.

It is more than just the image, but the medium on which it is printed and mounted. I like the depth and reflection of light which is made with printing on metal. The print is mounted so that when hung on the wall, it creates a “floating” effect. This is a contemporary presentation and more dynamic than simply mounting and framing a print under glass, not that there is anything wrong with the time honored practice.

Each fine art print is a limited edition, with my signature on back and a certificate of authenticity.


18 X 24 inch image, print on metal,  $295.00 + shipping.

Beautiful images, fine art – see the possibilities.


If you would like to purchase a print of my images, please send me an email.